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Air pump for car wheels


The silent compressor has a power of 80 watts and enlarged electric motor brushes. The compressor operates with a voltage of 12v VOLT and has a capacity of 18 L / min.

The compressor works from the cigarette lighter WITHOUT the power button. The equipment is equipped with a powerful piston engine and a metal piston.

Includes 3 nozzles

Cable length 3 m

5900 ֏

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Car jack


A rolling jack 2 tons with a handle 33 cm long, which allows, with a small piston stroke, to provide a small effort to lift the ruz.

Due to the low profile, the pickup height is reduced to 135mm while lifting the load up to 320mm.

Delicate double painting of the body of the jack reliably protects it from mechanical damage and significantly extends its service life. The special hydraulic oil operates over a wide temperature range (+/- 50 °C).

Loading capacity: 2 t

21900 ֏

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